A little bit about myself.

Just a pic of me looking handsome

I'm a 24 year old web developer, currently working in Edinburgh for one of those agency type places. I started learning HTML, CSS and all that good stuff back when MySpace was all the rage. I realised I could make a quick buck from it - so here I am - in my Twenties, actually being paid to do something I occassionally enjoy. Mental.

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My pure mad skills.

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Building responsive experiences

You know, that thing that happens when you make a browser window smaller and the website doesn't look like crap? Yeah, I can do that.

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Writing somewhat meaningful code

I like write code that is both structured and has some sort of semantic value. To be honest I only do this so other developers don't think I'm terrible at my job (don't look at my source code). I hear Google is a fan of this "semantics" stuff though.

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Making things look pretty

A good looking interface always gets the thumbs up! But it isn't all about looks, great consideration to the UX is always given so that the interface both looks good and is suitable for your users and their goals. This process often starts with rough sketches and wireframes, leading into designing visual prototypes in Photoshop or designing straight in the browser.